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As organizations shift their focus to digital marketing, personalized and print direct mail campaigns are gaining momentum, especially to complement digital and web advertising and promotions. Companies, nonprofits, fundraising organizations, and political campaigns are turning to direct mail to get their messages out to the right audience. Simply put, print and mailings can still be an effective way to target your specific message directly to specific demographic groups or geographic areas.

Organizations like yours send out postcards or brochures to advertise fundraisers, real estate openings, business openings, religious events, or political campaigns. With direct mail, you can send postcards or brochures to addresses addressed specifically to your target audience. Using the USPS tool, you can even mail mail directly to a specific region at a reduced postage rate.

At Universal Mail Works, we print. But we specialize in direct mail services. We store your postal information, label your pieces, pack them, and ship them to the USPS. If you need delivery to a specific location or need mail tracking services, Universal Mail Works will send the mail directly to you!
You can rest assured that your high-quality prints will not be damaged and will be delivered to your destination when you want them delivered.


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